The Godfather is Back – Interview with SEO Legend Leslie Rohde

If you look up “cheesy photo pose” in the dictionary guess who’s at the top? Yes my old pal Leslie, but he does know his SEO.

So since the dust seems to be settling from the double P (Penguin & panda) and more information seems to be leaking from Google I decided to get The Godfather of SEO back in for a chat (after nearly 2 years of absence!).

Out of the tens of questions you guys asked we decided to focus on the most popular ones and Leslie will be back to answer the rest next week.

Check it out here:

MP3 Download: [Right Click Here and Save As… to download this interview]

UPDATE: After recording this interview we held a live webinar. You can get access to the replay here

Discussed in the interview

00.04 – Mindless chit chat

02.25 – Question: Google is looking for brands (as far as I understand). Any advice on how to generate ‘branding signals’?

02.45 – Leslie’s Answer and then some…

05.05 – Question: What percentage of your anchor text links should be exact match keyword targeted

05.15 – Leslie’s definitive answer

05.50 – Question: How do you see the future of Bing / Yahoo?

05:58 – Leslie answers and talks about Yahoo CEO – Marissa Mayer

07:20 – Question: What, in your estimation, would be the percentage of value these days between IBLs (Inbound Back Links) & on-page factors, like keyworded content, anchor text, etc?

07:50 – Leslie answers and talks about how the core algorithm has stayed the same but it’s the new filters that have made the big dent. He gives some examples of how not to do it.

11:20 – Question: I have been hit with really bad with negative SEO (even porn links) & pointed this out to Google via WMT recon request but they just keep sending the same robotic template response about me having unnatural links. I know this already and this is what I keep telling them (5 times now) yet they have not acknowledged it and someone is building about 1000 bad links to my site every months so having them taken down is a futile mission. Any advice?

12:02 – Leslie answers and talks about how you should deal with the links and also how to deal with Google in this situation.

17:50 – Wrap up, more mindless chit chat & planning webinar next week

If you have any further questions for Leslie please place them in the comments below and as always please share, retweet & like if you found it useful

To listen to previous recordings with Leslie from nearly 2 years ago click the links below:

Interview – session 1
Interview – session 2
Interview – session 3

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  • Hi Kenny and Mark. Fantastic episode with really valuable content. Good job you cut lunch short! So many great ideas to try out. Thanks for the content.

    • Hey Peter, glad you enjoyed it, I know I got some golden nuggets from Mark’s Linkedin hacks.

    • Thanks Peter, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • This is a very informative one on one interview. Linkedin is the best social media site to use when starting out a business. Marketers and businessmen roam around Linkedin in order to gather leads and prospects. Linkedin is an amazing social media site. Won’t have a hard time on targeting prospects and getting leads. This article gave many ideas to try on Linkedin. Thank you for this post Kenny! And for interviewing Mr. Linkedin, Mark ☺

  • John Mellberg

    With happy clients I found it helpful to perform a follow up call making sure all is well. I then ask why they decided to do business with me. Once they given their positive answer, I then ask if they would be willing to pick of the phone and share their experience with me with someone who would benefit from my widget or services. If they don’t offer that persons follow up contact info, I then ask for it directly. Works for me :)

  • woodbeans

    Was bullet point #4 removed or just skipped?

  • Caz Mulcahy

    Would you ever use ‘campaign’ in your press release/ website to describe a corporate hospitality event or is that just language to refer to it internally?