Interview with leading Visionary Ed Dale

Ed Dale and Kenny Goodman

Ed and Kenny

Have you ever lost something really important and then found it again months later?

This just happened to me and it feels really good.

Last November I spoke at Ed Dale’s London conference and instead of getting drunk with Pete Williams and Andrew Nez after my presentation like I normally do, I managed to secure some killer interviews and the one you are about to listen to is one of them.

Ed Dale who is one of the world’s most famous Internet Marketers completely spills the beans in this interview and for the last 3 months I’ve been crying myself to sleep every night because I thought it was lost forever.

Shortly after the conference – my labs in Manchester got broken into and all my equipment stolen which included the ‘never to be repeated’ golden interviews and I hadn’t backed them up, but it turns out that good old Dom over in Spain had a backup all the time. Doh!

This interview is pure gold – Ed discusses stuff he’s never covered before like how he had massive debts at 19, hit rock bottom and almost went bankrupt and even how he saved for 2 years just to buy his first VIC-20. If you don’t know what that is (like me) then it doesn’t affect you – it’s just really geeky stuff!

He talks about how he dropped out of University, how he sold one of his first businesses for $3 million and how Market Samurai’s Eugene Ware just missed out!

The interview includes his underachiever days and how he met his old business partner Frank Kern and how he was mentored by internet marketing giant Gary Halbert.

He even covers how he created a massive network of sites and then sold that for millions as well.

If you’ve ever felt low and thought that you couldn’t succeed then this interview covers it all:

Get full access here:

MP3 Download: [Right Click Here and Save As… to download this interview]

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p.s. Dom also backed up the lost interview I did with the CEO of Market Samurai Eugene Ware – this will be with you very soon and yes he also covers how he missed out in the $3 million sell-out that Ed got!

PPS Update: If you’d like to find out about my latest developments with Find The Edge I was recently interviewed by Nicola Cairncross from the Business Success Factory and you can listen to it here.

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  • Hi Kenny and Mark. Fantastic episode with really valuable content. Good job you cut lunch short! So many great ideas to try out. Thanks for the content.

    • Hey Peter, glad you enjoyed it, I know I got some golden nuggets from Mark’s Linkedin hacks.

    • Thanks Peter, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • This is a very informative one on one interview. Linkedin is the best social media site to use when starting out a business. Marketers and businessmen roam around Linkedin in order to gather leads and prospects. Linkedin is an amazing social media site. Won’t have a hard time on targeting prospects and getting leads. This article gave many ideas to try on Linkedin. Thank you for this post Kenny! And for interviewing Mr. Linkedin, Mark ☺

  • John Mellberg

    With happy clients I found it helpful to perform a follow up call making sure all is well. I then ask why they decided to do business with me. Once they given their positive answer, I then ask if they would be willing to pick of the phone and share their experience with me with someone who would benefit from my widget or services. If they don’t offer that persons follow up contact info, I then ask for it directly. Works for me :)

  • woodbeans

    Was bullet point #4 removed or just skipped?

  • Caz Mulcahy

    Would you ever use ‘campaign’ in your press release/ website to describe a corporate hospitality event or is that just language to refer to it internally?